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Product Designer

Teresa Man Superhuman

Teresa leads design at Superhuman and community at Elpha. She is a Canadian transplant currently living in New York, …

Type Designer

Martin Vácha Displaay Type Foundry

Prague based Type-designer & Design-director in Displaay Type Foundry, formerly Graphic-designer.

Product Designer

Aaron Aalto Freelance

The big thinking in the tiny things. The story-driven thinking. The thinking that causes tension, breaks rules, and …

Graphic Designer

Julia Kahl Slanted Publishers

Julia Kahl studied Communication Design at the University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt before moving to Karlsruhe in …

Creative Director

Bruno Arizio Studio—BA®

Independent Creative Director living and working in Amsterdam.

Digital Designer

Darshan Gajara GraphCMS & Product Disrupt

Product designer & maker living in Berlin. Darshan currently heads design at GraphCMS and …

Type Designer

Daniel Quisek Displaay

Younger half at Displaay type-foundry. Primarily manages and designs custom projects, but sometimes works on retail …

Design Director

Laura Meseguer Laura Meseguer. Custom Lettering and Type Design

Laura Meseguer is a freelance designer, typographer and type designer. Her activity is developed in the field of …

Product Designer

Bryn Taylor Freelance

Brit based in Copenhagen. A freelance product designer that cares about the craft.


Agustin Gagliano Freelance

Agustin Gagliano is an architect and illustrator, born and based in Córdoba, Argentina. In recent years his …


Frederique Matti Freelance

Frederique Matti is a Dutch freelance illustrator that got obsessed with painting. At the moment she's painting and …

Design Director

Jonas Zieher SPIN

Design director and partner at SPIN, German born Jonas lives and works in London. A motion afficionado with a knack for …

Product Designer

Nicolas Hardie Rewind / Magnopus

Experience Designer with a focus on mixed realities, design processes and humans.


Nina Cosford Freelance

Nina Cosford is a freelance illustrator based in Hastings, UK. She was recently named one of the Top 20 Female …

Creative Director

Jono Yuen Freelance

Living in Australia. Interactive experiences. Founder of HUDS+GUIS. Experiential | Games | VR. Afraid of birds.